Food Items to Store for an Emergency

Predicting the next natural disaster be it a tornado, hurricane, flood, pandemic, etc. is not easy to do. So, rather than worry about when it might happen, it is better to prepare for the "if" by having a stockpile of food available to provide for your family. Do not wait another day. NOW is the time to begin. The following list of items have a long shelf life. Some will easily last for months, some a year and still others for dozens of years, if not more. Use this list as your starting point. If you don’t have a big grocery budget, begin by picking up one or two items a week and putting them away. Even just an extra bag of rice and beans to start with can be beneficial. It’s better than nothing. Just start today. Keep the list with you and pick up what you can, when you can.

Once you have begun your stockpile, be sure and rotate through the food. Date everything with the purchase date. Use older things first.
Food List of Items to Stock
Bouillon Cubes
Canned and freeze-dried meats and soups
Commercially available "Survival Food/Long Term Storage" food
Corn starch/ baking soda
Corn syrup
Freeze dried fruits and vegetables
Hard candy
Hard liquor, especially vodka
Mashed potatoes
Instant Meals (MRE's)
Oils such as olive oil, Crisco, vegetable oil
Pickles, preserves, jams, jellies
Powdered and canned milk
Protein and granola bars
Salt (A lot because it can be used to season and preserve foods)
Seasonings (a variety of spices/seasonings that you enjoy)
Soy sauce (unopened bottle)
Unground pepper
Vanilla extrat
White rice
White vinegar (A lot of this too! Adds flavor, preserves, and can be used to clean, etc)
Bleach (not a food item but a useful for disinfection and purification of water)
The items listed above store well for long-term. You might also want to add in your regular food rotation, those things that might not last as long but that you will and do eat regularly. I include things such as chocolate, peanut butter and other commonly eaten foods by our family.
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