Keeping your Body Healthy

Many of our plates are likely filled with protein and a starch or grain, with a little left over space for vegetables.

What most may not know is, that according to the USDA, 90% of people don’t eat enough vegetables. A study from the Produce for Better Health Foundation reports that the U.S. per capita consumption has even gone done 7 percent.

The lack of vegetable consumption plays a critical role in our health because we are missing out on nutrients that regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight management, and even eye health.

Foods to Store for Emergencies

Predicting the next natural disaster be it a tornado, hurricane, flood, pandemic, etc. is not easy to do. So, rather than worry about when it might happen, it is better to prepare for the "if" by having a stockpile of food available to provide for your family. Do not wait another day. NOW is the time to begin. The following list of items have a long shelf life. Some will easily last for months, some a year and still others for dozens of years, if not more. Use this list as your starting point.



You have come to the right article if you have actually never heard of a Bug Out Bag or (BOB). Everybody ought to have a BOB. So exactly what is a BOB and why do I suggest it. A BOB (also referred to as a 72 hour bag) is a bag that is jam-packed and ready to go when you need to get out of your house and to a protected place. It is packed with the minimal essential necessities to get you through 3 days. If you do not have one all set, continue reading to learn what goes inside.
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